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Zookeeper Experience at The Green Planet Dubai, UAE

Take care of the animals during this hands-on learning experience . Perfect for animal lovers!

Daniel feeding the archerfish

The experience

The day starts early in the morning at 8:30am. We were welcomed by the team of biologist at The Green Planet Dubai. They took us behind the scenes to teach us everything about animal care at the dome and how to nurture some of the most incredible and endangered species on the planet. At the laboratory we met some animals who had spent the evening outside the dome zoo such as the ant eater who was curious about us after enjoying its breakfast.

Watch to get a taste of our amazing zookeeper experience

Once ready, our lead biologist, Erick, took us to each level of the dome to start the animal feeding. Inside, it felt we had entered a small rainforest with a tropical climate. Entering the dome with food so early in the morning and still closed to the public, guarantees immediate attention from the birds and lemurs who are wandering around. Having visited The Green Planet on several occasions, this was by far the most special entrance.

The experience entails providing each animal with their own food for the morning. The bats get a smoothie while the sloths eat pieces of fruit placed on their mouth (their favourite). Placing the baskets with bird food throughout the dome was a rewarding experience. We were immediately surrounded by beautiful birds of all colours, some of them so friendly that they wanted to sit on our shoulder or walk alongside us.

Daniel loved feeding "Lemon" the sloth with fruits.

Part of the experience of caring for the animals is cleaning, so we made sure the food containers were clean.

When it was time to feed the archerfishes, we were provided with worms to patiently hold out for them to shoot water with perfect aim or jump up to catch the food. It is incredible to see how precise and fast they are.

If you are lucky and the monitor lizard is hungry, you can join the team in this thrilling feeding experience too.

Daniel petting the rabbits

Following our visit to the dome, we went back into the laboratory to feed the lovely rabbits and cuddle them to say goodbye.

Duration: 2 hours.

Tickets: Book the zookeeper experience on The Green Planet website



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