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3 magical places to visit in Bulgaria

Notable for its natural wonders, Bulgaria is a magical country. Join us as we share 3 places you can’t miss when travelling to the country.

Rila Mountains

Regarded as one of the most beautiful places of the country, The Rila mountains is a natural haven.

Its main attraction is without a doubt the 7 lakes. Located just 90 minutes from Sofia, it makes a perfect destination for a day trip; however, if you love the area as much as we did, you can easily spend a few days.

The Lakes in Rila

The lakes are formed by the glacial waters which means that in winter you will find snow and in summer you will spot remains of snow decorating the peaks, making it a perfect opportunity for the kids to play.

The experience starts with a chair lift giving you a panoramic view of the mountains and a cool welcome to begin the trek full of energy.

What makes this place wonderful for families is that the trek is moderate, and you can trek as much as you want and do it at your own pace. Each of the lakes is named after its shape, so we passed by the lower lake, the fish lake, the trefoil and settled for a picnic in the gorgeous kidney lake.

On your way back, do stop by the local market to enjoy some traditional music and buy fresh treats and souvenirs. It can’t get more Bulgarian than this.

Where to stay:

Located at a short distance from the mountains and ideal to enjoy outdoor treks.


The Rhodope mountains

Lower in the South, at almost two hours from Sofia, you will find the Rhodope mountains, an area to visit any time of the year! Given its vast territory, it is divided in East and West and full of meadows, thick forests, steep cliffs and picturesque canyons.

The cascades along the way in Slidovolsko Padalo

We started in the East venturing the Slivodolsko Padalo waterfalls, a magical trek over bridges and with cascades framed in never-ending greenery.

The trek is well signed and it takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to reach the top depending on the pace. At the summit, you will discover a marvelous sight of the 50 meters height waterfall, one of the highest in the whole country.

If you are heading in summer, we recommend you go early in the morning, and take a splash in the small waterfalls at the start of the trek on our way back

At the top

If you didn’t have enough of the Rhodope magic, head to the West side to visit Mihalkovo, a cosy town with an eco path to trek and enjoy a stunning view of the horse shoe bend of the Vacha dam. After the trek, explore the dam lake by boat and cool off by its shores.

Vacha dam

Where to stay:

Chilingrira complex, located in Mihalkovo (stunning view of the dam and close to activities)

Markovo resort:

Close proximity to Slivodolsko Padalo and the historical city of Plovdiv


Marvel yourself, 3 hours North of Sofia to reach the impressive natural rock formations that make UNESCO Site of Belogradchik. Spread across 30 kilometres, you can enjoy the place in a variety of ways such as trekking, safari driving or visiting the Belogradchik Fortress built on the base of the impressive rocks.

When its time for lunch, the Mislen Kamak restaurant nearby is a safe choice to dine with the best view of the rocks. At the view point you can spot many of the rocks that have been named after the resemblance of their shape, how many would you spot?

For more adventure in the area, head to the Magura caves where you can find pre-historic wall paintings from the early Paleolithic and Neolithic age.

Travelling to Bulgaria

There are a number of flight options both from Dubai and Abu Dhabi including Emirates airlines, FlyDubai and Wizz Air. While in the country, renting a car is advisable as it makes It easier to move across the cities.

Where to stay in Sofia:

Metropolitan hotel:

Located close to the airport, excellent service and parking (not the case with many hotels in Sofia)


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