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7 tips to succeed in travelling with kids

Taking the family on a trip for the first time can lead to a long recovery. But fear not, we share with you our top tips to ensure your holiday goes without a hitch

  1. Plan. Do your research and itinerary in preparation. Find out schedules and think about plan b options. You can always change plan, but it will give you peace of mind and something to look forward to for the kids.

  2. Find out about documents you might need. If you are travelling solo as a parent, it is likely you will need special documentation to leave and enter countries. Some countries might require a simple letter of authorization from the non-travelling parent while others might need the documentation to be legalised. Chances are you might not be asked for it at all, but you don’t want to be sent back home after a long flight, just because of a document. Better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Travel light. This might be a challenge to many but try to the greatest extent possible to combine the same pieces to create different looks; making outfit combinations with layers is a good idea.

  4. Be prepared to carry your luggage. Some airports benefit from concierge services to help you with the luggage, but this is not the case in most airports in the world. Sometimes you might have to load and unload the luggage 4 times before you are out of the airport and you don’t want to be doing that with children running around.

  5. Pack an extra set of clothes in the hand luggage. In the instance that your luggage gets lost or delayed, you will still have a spare set of clothes while you wait.

  6. Don’t forget to bring extra food (if required). If you have a baby or a child with special food requirements, it is always a good idea to have spares

  7. Bring a car seat. Nowadays most car rental companies and taxis on request can provide car seats for children, but if you are going to a country where this is not the norm, then ensure you take one with you or be prepared to buy one on arrival. There are some portable seats that double as a bag back if your child fits in the right age category.

Above everything else, don't forget to take your positive attitude. Being flexible and set expectations low is definitely key to make of every adventure, a memorable one.


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