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Giethoorn, the Venice of the Netherlands

As if you weren’t already charmed by the beautiful streets of Amsterdam adorned by the water canals and its peculiar shape houses, Giehoorn is a place you don’t want to miss when visiting The Netherlands.

Located 120 kilometers away from Amsterdam, the best way to reach is by car (From Amsterdam, take highway A1-E231 to the A28-E232). Once you get there the options to explore are varied. You can join a boat tour with a group and go around the waterways for a certain period of time or you can hire private boats (electric and manual) and wander on your own across the city. If this is your time, we recommend getting a map of the area

The waterways cross the whole city composed of centuries-old thatched-roof houses that seem as taken from a fairy tale book.

Once you leave the small canals, you will enter a wider water path cutting the green fields which will take you to the big Motengat lake If you need a break, you will find an island in the middle where you can set up a picnic and stretch your legs.

Make sure you rent a boat for at least 3 hours, so you enough time to enjoy the area allowing you to get lost

Have a look at Giethoorn and other must-destinations when visiting the Netherlands with the kids in the video below.

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