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Is it possible to talk about travelling and sustainability?

Travelling accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions, so in its nature travelling is not sustainable for the environment. Travelers can make sustainable choices during their trips, but the carbon footprint will remain.

I do; however, believe in the positive impact of travelling, its value and the impact one can create when visiting a place. Being able to visit another country is a privilege on its own, so if you are able to do that, make the best of it in all senses.

Choose for closer destinations to home – If you are in continued wanderlust and cant wait for the next holidays/opportunity to discover a new place, then start by looking close to home. More often than not, you will find places nearby where you can enjoy a change of scenery, food and even traditions without having to fly. So, choose a place in your map and set yourself to discover a new place in your home country at least once a year

Find destinations closer to home - Nizwa, Oman

Most times we look for destinations driven by demand and the overflow of images in social media, but we miss looking at the countries in close proximity. How much do you know of your neighboring countries? From our own experience, as a family based in Dubai we have travelled to Oman more than a couple of times and still we find new adventures every time.

Take advantage of your luggage capacity to make an impact! - I always thought that one of the biggest problems we got in wealth distribution is the inability to share, sometimes due to geographic limitations. Now, that the world seems more connected than ever before, take advantage of the luggage allowance to make a difference. Carry an extra suitcase if you can to take resources that will be useful to people in the country of destination. For as small as it may be, will make a big impact

Bringing winter clothes to families in Puno, Peru
Staying in Uros Qhantany Lodge on the floating island

Support local economy and small businesses Eating at local restaurants will not only give you a taste of the culture, but it will also support a local entrepreneur. Choose for local names rather than international chains when choosing tour operators, when buying clothes and souvenirs.

Reduce the plastic consumption – Make a habit of carrying a reusable water bottle and containers to bring snacks. As much as it can require a bit of planning, it will go a long way in not creating plastic waste.

Leave no waste behind – Treat your host country as your own home. Carry your waste if you don’t find trash bins in proximity. Leave the place the same way you found it


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