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Luxembourg in 12 hours

Once upon a time there was a city perched in the middle of cliffs

Discover what the capital of Luxembourg has to offer in our 12 horus itinerary

Pétrousse express - Have a first glimpse of the city doing a city tour. If you are travelling with the family, we recommend jumping on the Pétrousse express. The route will take you across the most remarkable areas of the city and gives you a bit of history of the place.

National museum of history and art - Once the tour is finished, visit the National museum of history and art just a walking distance from the final stop. Don’t forget to ask for an activity book for kids at the reception, it will be the first museum they won’t want to leave!

Main square - It’s time for lunch. Grab a bite at the main square and feel the soul of the city accompanied by music from local artists.

Casemates du Bock - Go in the underground tunnels & galleries at the Casemates, the fortified shelters will leave you all impressed. Plus, it’s a perfect place to play hide and seek.

Parc Le Ville - While in the area, take a long walk at the Parc Le Ville and enjoy some quiet time while the kids enjoy the play area



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