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Machu Picchu is now wheelchair friendly

Thanks to a new tour

As many heritage world attractions, Machu Picchu was always far from dreams for those craving for adventures and moving in a wheelchair. That is until recently, when the travel company Wheel the World introduced the first-ever wheelchair-accessible tour of the ancient city of the Incas.

Alvaro Silberstein, founder of Wheel the world

The company founded by friends Alvaro Silberstein (a wheelchair user) and Camilo Navarro offers destinations tours across the works for people with physical disabilities. This is done with the support of special equipment such as designed light fold-able wheelchairs, CNN reported. Those wheelchairs, Navarro explained, are crafted with “only one wheel and two long sticks that make it look like a wheelbarrow. This means it does require the assistance of a travel companion to help operate and navigate through the ancient Incan site.

Based on Wheel the World’s website, anaccesible tour to Machu Picchu starts at $1,490 comparable to non-accessible tours according to CNN. This includes accommodations, meals, transportation and equipment excluding flights

The company’s first full tours of Machu Picchu are expected to begin in March.

Accessibility is a mater of being creative Navarro told CNN travel, but it’s not always as simple as immediately building a wheelchair ramp. Navarro was the first man in a wheelchair who explored the ancient city of Cusco. He says “At many exhausted moments we wondered if we would make it,” he said at the time, “but ... seeing Machu Picchu from on high was probably the most beautiful moment in my life”.

Source: CNN Travel

Image: Provided by Wheel the world


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