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Make the best of 48 hours in Istanbul

This is a city made for walking! Pack your comfy shoes and get ready for culture and excitement around every corner. From the holy sites and European style to the high fashion and buzzing neighborhoods, Istanbul feels like many cities within one.

Day 1

Bosphorus Start your weekend early morning by the Bosphorus. Also known as the strait of Isntabul, it will set the mood for a fabulous day ahead.

View of the Bosphorus from the Rumeli Hisari

Rumeli Hisari Visit the Rumeli hisari, one of the most impressive structures of the city built in the Ottoman era. Take your time as you explore the high towers through the cobbled corridors and hideaways. Once at the top, treat yourself to a splendid vista of the Bosphorus.

Continue along the waterfront. Jump into a scooter or walk to avoid the traffic. Trust us, you will get anywhere faster!

Bebek Stop by the charming district of Bebek, famous for its buzzing atmosphere, cafes and shops, and enjoy a Turkish delight Ferry to Asia Don’t miss the opportunity to cross continents. Get aboard a ferry and back, and enjoy he scenic sight of a golden-red Istanbul in the late afternoon.

Mukellef karakoy To end the day on a perfect note, head to Mukellef Karakoy for mouthwatering Turkish food with a stunning sunset as a backdrop. Do book in advance!

Celebrity Chef Mukellef Karakoy restaurant

Day 2

Lokma Start your morning in a popular city spot at Lokma. Arrive early for a good view to the waterfront.

Old centre Next, head to the old city to visit landmarks such as the majestic Blue mosque, the hippodrome of Constantinople and the museum. Dress respectfully if you want to enter the holy sites.

Taksim Spend the afternoon strolling around the Taksim area, famous for shopping and a busy nightlife

A weekend getaway in Istanbul is just a step away! We will be back



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