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Eating like in Peru, in Dubai

Dubai was not immune to the boom of Peruvian food in the world. In the last ten years alone, around 9 Peruvian restaurants opened in Dubai and although people are adamant of many of these successful concepts, not many people really know what Peruvian food is.

Dining at Peruvian restaurant, 39th Best in the world, Astrid & Gaston in Lima, Peru

Having an innocent conversation with a good friend, she praised Peruvian food adding how much she loved “Alfajores” and “Empanadas” and although yes we have them in Peru, these are treats that share many territories in Latin and South America and certainly did not originate in Peru. In fact, they were one of the many acquisitions from the Spanish cuisine as a result of the “Conquista” .

Peruvian food is very rich and has influence from many cuisines due to its rich history, Chinese, Italian among others which elements were adapted or incorporated into our own way of cooking. What generally could be called as “Comida Criolla”.

As a Peruvian and foodie, we have dined in all Peruvian restaurants in Dubai (Some of which are no longer open) and here is our opinion and recommendation of our top 3 if you want to try Peruvian food in Dubai as if you were in Peru. Garden – Marriott Marquis

This has to be our favourite restaurant of all. We have been here countless times and pretty much know the menu by heart.

Go dining before 8pm to take advantage of the Happy hour and try a passion fruit pisco sour to open the appetite.

What we love about the menu is that is divided in 3 main sub -menus representing the three natural regions of the country; Coast, Mountains and Jungle. This is important because according to the ecosystem of each region the food will consists of different ingredients original from those areas.

As I come from the Coast, I always go for the “Costa” dishes without missing a couple of single dishes from the “Sierra” menu too. Don’t miss the “Arroz con Pato” which is a green coriander sticky rice with tender pieces of duck. Mini “papas rellenas” or stuffed potatoes (very different to what you would imagine). If you are keen on sea food, try the classic “Cod Ceviche” or the “Thai ceviche” with salmon and coconut milk. The “Arroz meloso” would compete with the best seafood restaurants in Lima where you can also find a paella-style seafood rice with cream of “Rocoto” or “Octopus”.

We recommend to you to take plenty of time and enjoy a slow charming dinner with so much delicious food to try and often live entertainment on the terrace.

Lima – Citywalk

When we mention Lima, the first thing everyone thinks is “Virgilio Martinez” and his famous Peruvian restaurant called “Central”. Although, you will not find the same concept in Dubai as it would be nearly impossible to replicate its art so many miles away from Peru, it is a place to definitely pass by for great Peruvian food. In all fairness, we have been there more than a couple of times and at different times of the day and different occasions. We have enjoyed the a la carte dining menu the most. Its ceviche, Lomo steak Huancaina (cheesy spicy sauce) and Tender Lamb seco where the dishes that left us wanting more.

Coya - Four Seasons

Start with the best Pisco Sour in town! You will love sipping the traditional drink while enjoying the gorgeous views from a beautiful setting.

We have been to Coya in London and Dubai and in both occasions the food doesn’t fail to impress. The concept is on point, you will mostly find Peruvian inspired dishes complemented with elements from other Latin American cuisines on the menu. Two more traditional Peruvian dishes I can highlight from the menu, which are cooked as in one of the best eateries in Lima are the “Mistura de Ceviches” (signature Coya dish) and the “Papa Seca”.

In our opinion, we enjoy Coya as a place to go for drinks and canapes. Don’t miss their “Tiraditos” and their Anticuchos!

Stay tuned for more stars to come as La Parrilla, well known Latin American restaurant in the Jumeirah Beach hotel, has hired a new Peruvian chef who is expected to bring new surprises to our palates


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