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Recharge energies in the happiest country in the world

Our stress levels are already coming down

With an 20,6 % increase of visitors coming from the Middle East, airlines such as Fly Dubai and Turkish airlines have opened new direct routes to Helsinki all year round. Now, it will be easier to uplift your mood surrounded by the happiest people in the world according to the last UN report.

Offering endless possibilities to reconnect with nature during the 12 months of the year.

Yrjötapio "Y.t." Kivisaari, Managing Director, Levi Destination says: "Levi is a year-round holiday destination in the Finnish Arctic Lapland, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle. We are famed for having the cleanest air in the world, the purest water and the most enchanting nature. Every year the small village of just 1,000 people welcomes over 700,000 guests to experience the Northern Lights, golf among reindeer, visit Santa and the Elves, meet the husky dogs, or participate in unforgettable nature adventures.

In September the visibility of the Aurora is best according to Yrjötapio "Y.t." Kivisaar

"The summer and autumn months are a particular draw for guests looking to get out of big cities or hot climates to enjoy our cooler temperature" he suggests

With an increased demand from travelers from the UAE, Kivisaari adds “We are currently opening our UAE market and can provide a great variety of bespoke and luxury services to suit all tastes. With five hotels, 850 chalets, 60 restaurants and a lively small village we look forward to showcasing exactly what we have to offer guests in both the summer and winter."

In the south of Finland, Kämp Collection Hotels witnessed a 20% increase in GCC visitors in 2018. Janina Taittinger, Head of Sales at Kämp Collection Hotels, says “Kämp Collection Hotels consists of the first and finest hotels in Helsinki. Ranging from cosy to luxurious, every hotel represents the crown jewel in its category. It is our privilege and desire to help our guests fall in love with Helsinki – by discovering more than the surface.”

During the summer months, golf, music and film festivals, swimming, food foraging, canoeing and sailing are a very popular pastime in Finland while, when the season changes to autumn, hiking, climbing and wildlife-watching become popular.

Finnish winter lasts half of the year, with temperatures varying between zero and minus 35. In winter, husky and reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobile safaris, ice driving experiences, the Northern Lights, ice-breaker cruises and of course, meeting Santa Claus, are just a handful of must-see attractions for tourists every year.

According to Joonas Halla, Visit Finland representative, “With a wide-range of exceptional accommodation options, in a safe and hospitable environment, and some of the most breath-taking vistas, Finland has a unique offering for every visitor.”

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