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Say hello to sunshine!

Now, you can enjoy your summer travels without a wrinkle

Leading French dermatological skincare brand, Bioderma, has introduced a revolutionary sun protection for preventive and corrective action against signs of photo-aging – Photoderm SPOT- AGE SPF50+. Deep skin damage caused by the sun results in wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity especially on the face.

The new sun protection features a breakthrough exclusive formula that contains an intelligent complex of active ingredients for anti-sunspots and signs of ageing. With both preventive and protective action ensures daily protection against UVA rays, UVB rays visible light and infrared radiation.

With antioxidant properties and centella asiatica which extract prevents dermal damage and regenerate the skin, the new photoderm stands beyond the standard sun protection acting as a biological trigger ensuring shield from inside the skin.

Find it as part of Bioderma's sun care range, Photoderm tailored for all type of skins

Wear the water-resistant gel-cream as a base for make up daily and forget about the sunspots and winkles. Photoderm SPOT-AGE is available at all pharmacies at AED 131



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