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Spa, Belgium

In the heart of the Belgian Ardennen, you will find the beautiful city of Spa. Make sure you you’re your good shoes to walk on cobbled stones, underground caves and maybe a little bit of water.

Chateau de Franchimont

Caves of Remouchant. A place of historical relevance and nature. The experience will take you in a tour to explore inside the caves for 1 km. The fascinating landscape inhabited by Palaeonlithic hunters 8,000 years ago, will leave you in awe. The last part of the tour takes place on the underground river where you will sail through narrow and low ceiling corridors.

Make sure you bring warm clothes to cover as the temperature can reach 8c inside. Wear shoes with good grip as it can be slippery. Find out more about the caves and timings here

Franchimont castle. This medieval castle is the ideal one to visit with the family. Get an audio tour at the entrance and be free to roam around the place. The castle is well maintained, and you can access the underground chambers (many meters down the ground by stairs) made of corridors and hidden passages that present the perfect place for a real family adventure.

Across the castle, you will find a lovely restaurant terrace from where you can enjoy a marvelous view of the chateau while grabbing a bite and drinks.

Find more about the Franchimont castle here

Lake Warfaaz. Located in the city of Spa, the lake offers an opportunity to enjoy fishing as well as pedal boat riding. The cosy surroundings with restaurants make it a nice spot for enjoying traditional Belgian mussels.

Lake Warfaaz

Visit Spa with us in our video itinerary



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