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5 things to do with the kids in Sweden

Because of its rich outdoor policy, Sweden is certainly a child friendly country.

While in Dalarna you will find yourself venturing the forest in the search for berries - or taking a splash in the most picture-perfect lakes in the area. Yet, the capital amuse you with incredible stories of Vikings and modern developments in science and technology, Sweden is a country full of choices.

Berry picking - Find a local tour guide or buy a book at your arrival to venture in venture in the forest to find berries. All kids of berries; cloud berries, Lingonberries, blue berries, raspberries among many more Swedish berries.

Swimming in a lake - Sweden is rich in nature and where you are, there is more like one in close proximity. In summer, this is the place where everyone meets and the environment is vivid if what you are looking for a picture of authentic Swedish culture.

Viking expedition - One the kids will be excited about. Have an introduction on the Vikings history in an interactive and entertaining set up at The Viking museum in Stockholm. If you want to go on a mission to find runestones, head to the charming city of Sigtuna (45 minutes from Stockholm) and request a map at the tourist office of the city. It's a fun activity for the family and a lovely city to spend the day.

Visit a mine - Mining and particularly silver was important to Swedish history. Visit one of the many old mines in the country. the one we visited was the Sala Silver Gruva, where we enjoyed a tour in English

Science and technology trip - Be prepared to spend hours at the Science and technology museum in Stockholm. From incredible displays on robot advancements to interactive to learn about the human brain. It is an interesting place for the whole family.

Enjoy Sweden!


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