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Weekend in Stockholm - Family itinerary

Overseeing the Baltic waters, you will find the charming Stockholm. Get the Stockholm pass to make the best of your time and skip the queues in the popular attractions. Here we share our itinerary of two days in summer.

Day 1

Syview - Located at the Ericson building, it is a landmark and an experience you can’t miss. The glass gondolas will take you on a 30 minutes trip. Best time to go? Early in the morning as it can be a bit far from the other attractions.

Skansen - The place offers a wide variety of attractions such as an aquarium, a zoo and our favourite part; the tradition Swedish village where you can visit typical houses and recreate how life used to be in Sweden in the olden days.

Visit a farmer’s house, a shoemarker workshop, pump water from a water well or prepare food the old way guided by a Swedish host. Some special events do require registration, so look out for information at the entrance

Vasa museum - Kept under water for over 300 years, the majestic ship was brought to surface and its currently in display. Be Immersed in the interesting stories of people who were aboard when the ship sank while also learning the details of its incredible construction.

Day 2

Royal palaceLocated right at the city centre. there are three museums to enjoy, so allow plenty time for your visit. Nearby, you will also find the Stockholm city hall, where you can go for a stroll enjoying the sights and the breeze of the waters. Perfect to capture the essence of the city.

Under the bridge tour - Get aboard a boat to take you through the whole city from under the bridges. The popular tour lets you enjoy lesser known landmarks and residential areas in Stockholm on an informative journey.

Viking museum - An impressive display of the life of Vikings and relevant information obtained from recent studies presented in an interactive manner. There is a show and you can play with the props as you learnt eh origins and usage of tools and clothing.

Don’t forget to sign your runestone before leaving.

Day 3

Science and technology museum (Also known as Tekniska) - Learn about the rapid advancement of robots in an interactive set up. The museum is large, so allow plenty time to visit the interesting exhibitions where the kids can play.

As a farewell, take a ride in the many attractions at Gronalund. The famous amusement park will lave the family wanting to come back for more



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