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A world away at Belmond Las Casitas

An escape to the majestic mountains of the Andes of Peru, without falling into the beaten track. There is more than one reason why the Colca deserves to be your next holiday destination.

In a country known worldwide for the impressive citadel of Machu Picchu and the charming cobblestoned streets of Cusco, the Colca Canyon quietly stands out as an opportunity for those seeking a retreat to a world of quiet indulgence.

From the moment you enter the valley you will quickly know why. The green valley adorned with mountains and impossibly clear blue skies welcomes you. Along the way, farmers working in the fields with large groups of vicunas and alpacas accompanying them. The possibilities to enjoy the gentle pace of life of the traditional Peru are plenty.

Downhill paths lead you to “Las Casitas” or bungalows spread across the property. Beautifully decorated with deep red roofs, they make a perfect contrast with the blue sky and the tall standing trees. The resident alpacas come to greet you, giving you a soft look; white as the clouds they decorate the intense green fields. You won’t be able to walk past them without stopping yourself to pet them.

The Casitas

At your “casita” (Spanish for little house), the amenities will make you feel right at home. The large windows to appreciate the views as well as the light inside the bathrooms allow you to fully enjoy the environment even inside your room. If you are looking for space, the presidential suite allows you the comfort of a dining room separate from the bedroom while if you are traveling as a family, the connecting casitas will be the best option.

Each casita has a heated splash pool on the terrace and a fireplace which will give you enough reasons to feel so cosy that you will have second thoughts about leaving the room.

Food & Drink

The restaurant and bar strategically located in the upper part of the hotel offer a panoramic view of the valley. The variety of the a la carte menu composed of local as well as international dishes will not disappoint. The “Sancayo Sour” made of Peruvian pisco and sancayo, a locally grown fruit, is the flagship drink of the place and it will come in handy at any time of the day.

Facilities and activities

Twenty casitas make up the hotel and are scattered throughout the vast complex. A spa for some serious pampering with a swimming pool to be reopened soon, and the necessary space to enjoy various experiences in the surroundings such as baby alpaca bottle feeding, horse dancing show, guided orchard visit, cooking classes and stargazing.

Equipped with Peruvian Paso horses and the best horse caretaker in the valley, Don Elmer accompanies you to explore the towns from an intimate cultural perspective. As you ride past farmlands, streams, and churches, you'll gain insight into traditional Peruvian life and friendly communities. You can also set off to stunning guided canyon treks on foot or by bike.

The time is yours to savour at your own pace at Last Casitas, where individual experiences such as Andean condor sighting expedition, picnics and firepits under the skies can be arranged privately at your request.


The Casitas does its name justice. The dedicated staff and personalised service will impress you from the moment you step in, making you feel at home. Belmond is synonymous with luxury, and you can see this in every aspect of your stay. Don’t be surprised that everyone in the property will know your name and every detail to be adapted to your liking from the first day of your stay. Above everything, you can sense the care in everything done for you. I can sincerely say from all the places in Peru, this is where the heart of Peru is.

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