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Park Hyatt Dubai

Located by the Dubai Creek where it opened its doors in 2005, the Park Hyatt Dubai has remained an all-time favourite for the discerning guests looking for classic sophistication.

Away (yet just a vista away) from the glitz and blitz of the city, the resort invites you to set back from the moment you drive into the palm shaded street letting the sun glint until you reach the lobby.

Charming Mediterranean ambiance and wonderful amenities for the whole family will ensure you have no reasons to leave.

Experiences & Activities

As you head towards the water, you are welcomed by the vibrant coloured bougainvillea contrasting the white alleys, inviting you to go forward to discover the essence of the sun flare. Decorated by yachts along the creek Marina, you will find yourself in the Boardwalk.

Enjoy sitting by the terrace for spectacular views of the Dubai skyline while indulging in seafood delicacies. The kids will love the pizza making experience where they are able to add the favourite toppings and have their self-made pizza brought directly from their table to the oven and back.

World-class amenities await you at the resort; from an 18-hole golf course, including a mini golf area the kids will love, to large tennis courts to keep the family active.

Mini golf course

When it’s time to refresh yourself, find the Amara pool by the spa or head to the large family friendly swimming pool at the Clubhouse. If you are looking for club vibes, then the lagoon side beach pool at Twiggy is the place to be while the children enjoy themselves at the Cave kids club.

Given its privileged location, one of the most stunning attributes to enjoy at Park Hyatt Dubai is the vista of the gleaming Dubai skyline where you can best enjoy the golden hour. What a better way to do it than taking a walk or rolling by the marina on a bike (Bicycles available for booking).

Food and Drink

You won’t be short of options when it comes to dining. From the relaxed atmosphere at Boardwalk to the traditional taste of Thailand at the Thai Kitchen. Across, you will find its neighbouring NOEPE to enjoy the most romantic sundowners with a twist.

In our experience, a delightful weekend away with every ingredient to make a memorable family staycation.


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