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Everything to know before your visit EXPO2020 Dubai

Top tips for a worry-free visit to EXPO

  • First things first – Have Al Hosn App ready as it will be required at the entrance for checking your vaccination date (two doses required) or negative PCR test.

  • The place is divided into 3 areas: Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility and the country pavilions are in each according to what the content focus and purpose of their pavilion is. To reduce walking time, decide which area to visit to park accordingly. The staff at the parking entrance can point you in the right direction.

  • The parking is a massive area, so make sure to write down the Zone displayed in the lane where you park your car (letter and number) or use the QR code shown.

  • From the parking and back, there are internal air-conditioned buses. They are frequent, so the wait is not long. Make sure to read the destination of the bus returning to the correct parking. Once inside they will show the stops according to the letter of each location (this is where your picture of the zone code will be useful).

  • Water is provided throughout the venue, but it is also useful to take water with you particularly as the place is huge and you might not find water everywhere.

  • Be prepared to walk – wear comfy shoes (sneakers are highly advisable) as distances between pavilions can be long and there are queues too

  • Plan your visit – at the entrance you will receive an expo map. We encourage you to select the countries you wish to visit.

Exhibit at the Monaco pavilion
  • Some pavilions have cafeterias where you can enjoy traditional food and delicacies. Make sure you choose your favourite. We can recommend the Monaco pavilion, and the German cafeteria was the kids’ favourite. We look forward to visiting the Peruvian cuisine located at the cafeteria next to the Opportunity Expo pavilion.

  • Children, senior citizen (over 60 years old) and people of determination can get a free admission at the website HERE

  • There are playgrounds across the venue. The one located across the German pavilion looks wonderful

  • Bring caps and sunscreen as it is still quite hot until about 5pm

  • There are many events happening throughout the day, make sure to check the experiences section to know the ones happening on the day of your visit:

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