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Hunt for real fossils in Mleiha

Become a paleontologist for a day at the Fossil Hunt Expedition in Mleiha

What to expect

A fun afternoon for the family packed with interesting engaging activities and a practical expedition full of excitement.

Cast making workshop

The experience starts at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. Visiting the museum is the starting point to understand the historical relevance of the area and what is to come.

Following this, the workshop will take place. You will learn everything about fossils (what they are and the different types found in the area) and you will have the opportunity to make your own fossil cast with the expert guidance of the team at Mleiha. We were very pleased with the wonderful lead of Mr Pravu who kept the kids interested every step of the way by asking them questions and answering theirs.

After the workshop, a transportation provided by the centre takes you to the Jebel Faya area to hunt for real fossils. The guide is always around helping the group to spot the rocks and identifying the fossils. Needless to say, this was the most exciting part of the experience.

Jebel Faya area

For more information about the experience and booking, visit:


Price: AED 75 per child and 100 per adult

Duration: Approximately 1.5-2 hours

To note: While fossils are not allowed to be taken with you home, small fractions of fossils can be collected as souvenir (one per person). The fossil casts made during the workshop are yours to take home too.

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