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Cajamarca, the most beautiful landscapes of Peru

Strangely omitted from the bigger guide books , this city is definitely a hidden gem of the country

Our itinerary Day 1:

  • City centre (Plaza de Armas, San francisco monastery, ransom room)

  • Windows of Otuzco

Day 2:

  • San Nicolas Lagoon

  • Namora city (get your guitar at "Guitarras Flores"

  • Rock forrest

Day 3:

  • Porcón Farm - Walk through the pine tree Forrest or ride a horse to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

How to get there

You can reach from Lima via air with Latam Airline and LC Peru. If you are already in the North, we recommend to rent a car and follow the new main road to Cajamarca. Reaching the city from the Coast means driving up the hills and many curves, but the main road is new and well maintained. We hired Rubio rent a car which was recommended by our hotel in Trujillo and were quite happy with it

Where to stay

The centre is our recommendation give there is always something happening there. from carnival celebrations to national day parades.

Costa del Sol is a good alternative with a lovely view to the main square



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