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Oman for families

We have been to Oman a number of times, each time to different places and there is still much more to explore. Oman, rich in culture and nature has so much to offer that it is the perfect getaway close to home. As soon as you cross the border from the UAE, you are in entirely different surroundings. For us, a welcomed escape from the metropolitan Dubai.

Travelling with kids means that all activities and our itineraries are planned considering what we will all enjoy as a family; both adults and children. So here our 5 favourite experiences in Oman:

Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve - Something unique about Oman is its natural habitats and biodiversity. Enclosed by rugged mountains, we were escorted to our luxury tent with a view of the sea in the distance. The kids leading the hike up to the mountain and us chasing after them to reach the highest point at golden hour is a memory we treasure dearly. Late in the evening, we were ready for the guided night expedition, the kids made their best effort to keep silent as they watched with excitement the giant green turtles laying their eggs.

The green turtles laying their eggs at night

Muscat national museum – Few museums are both exciting and interactive. During our first visit to Oman, we wanted an interactive introduction of the country, so we headed to the national museum. The museum is big and captures all aspects of Oman’s history and culture, with activities such as playing the sounds of traditional music instruments on a computer by touch. Needless to say, the kids loved it. The team on site was truly kind to give us recommendations and answer our questions regarding our planned itinerary.

Muscat National Museum

Nizwa – The city of Nizwa (former capital of Oman) is a real trip back in time. When we ventured to the Nizwa fort, we had it almost exclusively for us as it was Radaman. The Aladdin-like fortress kept us all busy roaming through the corridors, narrow staircases and hidden passages. Whoever conceived the architectural concept of this military fortification, had certainly also an eye for photography. Its design is brilliant as Joost pointed out.

Nizwa Fort

Roaming around the city was as much as a delight, navigating the small streets in our 4x4 and taking turns for cars to pass through alleys from time to time. It was also a wonderful adventure to get acquainted with the locals who cheerfully celebrated our driving skills.

We spent the day exploring the different ruins in the area. The kids were quite amused by the fact that we could enter them without an official entrance, they were accessible (with care) and it did feel like a real adventure.

Muscat Souq

Souks – There is no better place to capture the local spirit than at a market. We visited quite a few in the search for typical ornaments and “treasures” as the kids call them. Daniel bought traditional sweets and enthusiastically attempted his best Arabic at the Muscat souq in Mutrah, while Gabriel tried his best charm at the souks in Muscat to get a “kuma”, the traditional Omani cap.

Wadis – There is no better place than outdoors when travelling with kids and we could not leave the country without going into a wadis. Imposing mountains adorned with palm trees welcomed us for a one-hour stroll in the dry bed river. Initially skeptical of our kids’ endurance, we were quite impressed when they reached the end of the trek. Our 4-year-old cheering enthusiastically all the way eagerly jumped into the natural pool to refresh himself.

Adventure, nature and history awaits in Oman. The one common factor for us to keep coming back is the diversity of experiences it has to offer. It’s the kind of place where you will never do something twice as there is so much choice.


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