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Oman, a journey of exploration

Enjoying sun all year-round, the sultanate promises adventure, incredible nature and a close touch with culture.

In our latest itinerary to Oman, we spent 5 days from Nizwa to Ras Al Jinz passing by the charming Muscat.

Day 1 - Nizwa:

Nizwa Fort, Nizwa souk and Tanuf ruins

Day 2 - Jebel Al Akhdar

Jebel Al Akhdar sorroundings

Birkat Al Mouz

Day 3 - Muscat

National museum, Al Alam palace, Sultan Qaboos grand mosque and corniche

Day 4 - Baj Oman

A day by the bay in Muscat

Day 5

Wadi Al Shab and Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve

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