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A different Christmas

Why it is a good idea to spend Christmas in a different country

Historically, we had always spent the holiday season with our families. Whether in The Netherlands, Peru or at home in Dubai hosting the celebration.

A couple of years back, we decided to celebrate Christmas in a different way. We travelled to Sri Lanka and it was our first time visiting the island. We were in awe with the incredible nature resembling the best episode of and the magical island of Lost. Surrounded by the lushes of green, welcomed by the warm local people and enjoying a festive vibe, we had an unforgettable time.

We spent Christmas eve sailing in the lake on a Central Sri Lanka, followed by a lovely dinner and sending lanterns to the dark skies in a beautiful atmosphere (children giggling nervously at their first time lighting a lantern). People from different countries and local enthusiasts joining in celebration, it was a perfect portrait of tolerance, empathy and love because when people join in joy, that is the common denominator.

Visiting rural areas in Central Sri Lanka

The following morning, we went around the surrounding rural areas and stop at every chance we saw families. The kids had brought some of their toys to share their Christmas with others, to bring a smile to them and to understand the meaning of gratitude. It surely made an impact in their way of seeing the world.

We were saddened by the recent events in Sri Lanka. Hope the country goes back to the peaceful place we visited.



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