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Staying on the floating islands in Puno

Although visiting the Lake Titicaca is for many a bucketlist, staying on the floating island on the highest large lake in the world is certainly an experience not many can talk about.

In recent years, inhabitants of the 105 floating islands, that make the community of Uros in the lake Titicaca, have come together to offer unique stays for guests looking for more than a visit. The community have provided support to families to build authentic eco-friendly accommodations with wood and totora reeds while utilising the strong winds of the area to generate electricity and making good use of the natural light.

The rooms are simple yet comprising of all the basic needs one can expect of a lodge (private bathrooms and 24 hour hot water). The room views from the large windows; however, provide the luxury to the stay.

While staying in the Uros lodges, you can enjoy home cooked continental breakfast complimentary and other meals on request. You can also book activities organised by the hosts such as fishing, Totora cutting, and costume’s dressing.

There is private transportation provided to take you on to the main ports should you wish to join tours to other parts of the lake. Pick up and return to the main land are organised by the lodge and the sailing trip to the island is just about 30 minutes. If you are looking for an authentic experience, this is one for you to take about in years to come. Our stay: We chose the Uros Qhantany lodge and booked it via



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