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Totemiq art experience - Cusco

A two hour workshop hosted by renown local artists from Cusco who will guide you step by step in creating and decorating your own traditional ceramic piece.

Ceramic painting

The experience will start with a brief introduction of Cusqueño art and the syncretism (hidden Andean culture with Spanish fusion), followed by a practical class of ceramic decoration.

Every participant will receive a handmade traditional ceramic Pucara bull (charm for prosperity) and will work alongside the artists on incorporating the traditional and contemporary techniques of gilding, applying coats of bronze, copper and aluminium and painting them.

You can take home your own piece of fine art. It is definitely an activity to enjoy alone (in a group) or as a family that will bring culture in an interactive and memorable way. The friendly hosts made the experience extra enjoyable for our children.

What to expect? Interesting local insider information, a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience with colour and shine. Pleasant hosts and a beautiful piece of art to take home.

Pucara bulls decorating our home in Dubai

Take a peek of the experience in our video on "Five things to do with the kids in Cusco"

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