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A tourist in your own country

Why it is important to do so before you see the world

Raised in Peru over thirty years ago, there was not much encouragement to travel inside the country. The stability and violence in the country especially in the provinces made the international destinations (for those who could afford it) the first choice for holidays.

After the internal conflicts were solved and radical groups were seized, the country started slowly opening to the idea of internal tourism. The cities became better equipped, the industry became more professional and the promotion from the government encouraged many Peruvians to want to discover their own country, from its roots.

Cajamarca, Peru
The value it brought to the people was far more than visiting impressive new sites or regaining the pride for our own country. It was an opportunity to understand our country in the wider perspective, to discover other cultures within our culture, to embrace the other Peruvians we hadn’t had the chance to meet. A different Peru was gifted to us, one that united us.

After living many years abroad, I can tell people about my country from different perspectives. I can brag about the diverse food, the traditions of people living in the deep Andes, the sun always shinning at the North and the loving people in Cajamarca wearing their elegant “sombreros”. I can relate to more opinions and have a richer cultural exchange when visiting new places.

So, before you decide to discover the world, think about exploring the closer world around you. It will not only be valuable, but it will also prepare you to better appreciate other countries in perspective when you venture around the globe.

It will give you a sense of identity and a solid standpoint to see the outside.


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