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A trip back in history at QE2

Embark in an ocean adventure without leaving the city

What to expect?

A well maintained vintage cruise permanently docked at Dubai’s Mina Rashid. The rooms and suites are comfortable and relatively small as expected of a classic cruise ship of the 1960s. Small windows to oversee the Dubai skyline or the ocean.

There are about 3 options for drinks and snacks and one main restaurant to go for dinner. The environment overall is very relaxed and comfortable. The drinks at the deck when the weather is good is an excellent idea, the happy hour is from 6pm to 8pm and the prices are very reasonable.

Lovely for an experience different to the usual in Dubai.

To take into account:

There is a brunch happening every Friday where you can enjoy a show. It is important to book it with anticipation prior to your arrival as there is limited capacity.

QE2 deck bar during the happy hour

Fore more, visit Queen Elizabeth 2


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