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Al Seef heritage hotel, Dubai

What to expect

If you are looking to combine your visit of Dubai with an exploration of Arab heritage, a stay at Al Seef Hotel is exactly what you are looking for. Spread across a beautifully crafted traditional neighbourhood, the rooms are situated inside sand coloured buildings adorned with barjeels (windtower) surrounding open courtyards and patios.

Inside, the decoration resembles vintage Arabesque style with surprising details such as a dial phone, lanterns and decorative tiles. From the window and the terraces, enjoy the vistas of wooden abras going up and down the creek, Dubai’s original trading hub, or the buzz of the activity in the historical trading streets.

To complement the cultural immersion, you can indulge in the hotel’s signature Emirati restaurant, Saba’a. Try a typical Emirati breakfast with Chebab (saffron flavoured pancakes), Balaleet (sweet vermicelli with an egg on top) and camel milk. You can also choose from dozens of little cafes and restaurants spread out in the souk, with choices from across the region.

Strategically located in the cultural part of town, several museums are just a walk away, while you can also check out the art scene at the adjacent Bastakiya area, or take an Abra ride to the gold souk and visualise how Dubai became what it is today from the very same place where it all started.

To take into account: If you need a break from all the culture, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are just 15 minutes away.


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