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Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

Located in the main island of Mahe, Constance Ephelia luxury resort, is located about 45 minutes from the airport.

What to expect? The most breath-taking sights of the island. Spread across a wide area, the resort has villas located at the top of a little hill enjoying the forest surroundings and incredible ocean views. There is plenty of entertainment in the resort from zip lining to water sports. You can’t miss the giant turtle feeding in the afternoons, they are so friendly and impressive! The spa of the resort is superb, you can be sure to spend a good couple of hours on the reflexology path, laying on the water beds or enjoying a massage.

Relaxing at the wonderful spa

To take into account

Make sure to book the restaurants before arriving to the resort as they fill up quite fast and you might not find availability if arriving in high season

There are many beaches in the resort and the prettiest ones require a bit of a trek to get to. If you are up for an adventure and your own private beach, give it a go. Our favourite: Ros Lepa (going down from the villa path).  There is another hidden beach reachable through a small path from the helipod. 


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