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Mleiha Archaeological Centre

A trip back in time just an hour away from Dubai

What to expect

A thrilling experience including history and live exploration in one of the most beautiful natural areas of Sharjah.

The Museum

The visitors centre is a well-equipped museum with interactive displays that tell the stories of ancient inhabitants of the Mleiha area. It is certainly interesting to visit to understand the archaeological relevance and uniqueness of Mleiha and Sharjah.

The museum is organised by different eras from the palaeolithic (old stone age) to the pre-Islamic times, exhibiting authentic ancient artefacts found during excavations. The descriptions and explanations accompanying the displays (some of which interactive) were excellent and fueled the interest of the kids until the end. Guided tours are also available on request.

The highlight of the visit was the exhibit of the Arabian house and camel at the end of the museum. The kids read with interest everything about them while also appreciating the replica of the bodies placed in an underground chamber visible from the top. “Gabriel felt as if he was going to fall inside, so he cautiously walked next to it. It was super realistic” Daniel (9 years old)

At the exit of the museum, you will find a large café with indoors and outdoor seating. The choice of food included kids friendly options as well as vegetarian. We quite enjoyed our lunch.

Family centre entry: AED 55 (2 adults and 3 children)

Wadi cave exploration

Wadi cave

You can request a map of the area at the reception to plan your outdoor expedition. Most archaeological areas are location in close proximity to the museum but it is necessary to drive to each of them.

For each there is a parking area, with signs and brief explanations.

The Wadi caves, Mleiha Sharjah

The surrounding areas are:

- The water spring

- The wadi caves

- Tomb sites

- The faya cave

- The palace

- The farmhouse complex

- Horse and camel cemetery

- The farm house with a kitchen

- The burial chambers

- The fort

We visited Umm-an-Nar tomb, the water spring and spent most of our time exploring the wadi caves.

The wadi caves are a wonderful opportunity to explore ancient stone age caves by foot. It comprises of a big valley with a main path between the mountains. The path is quite easy to follow but accessing the caves requires some light climbing. Each of the caves can be easily identified with their signs.

You can explore the area on your own (no charge) or book a guided expedition with anticipation at the archaeological centre or via the website.

Duration: 1h (last booking taken 1 hour before sunset) Price: AED 115 per adult | AED 65 per child (Ages 5-10) *Minimum age to take part in this activity is 5 years of age

Find more about Mleiha, expeditions and bookings on their website:

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