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Reconnect at the Camel Farm Dubai

A place to disconnect and get close to nature

They say the most memorable moments are made where wifi is weak. That is certainly true at The Camel Farm, a place designed to disconnect and enjoy the animals in an authentic desert farm. Unpretentious and raw as expected of a farm, it lets visitors connect with animals, each called by their name, in a meaningful way. Feeling renewed at the end of the day with a glass of fresh camel milk or karak tea.

Booking and arrival

Prior booking is required for visits. In addition to the guided Camel Farm tour, you can choose additional activities as described on The Camel Farm website: The actual reservation is via phone (0504857676). A confirmation of the time and location is sent via email or Whatapp.

The farm is circa 35 minutes away from Sheik Zayed road, in the desert along the E77, between Al Qudra road and Al Ain road. With google maps or Waze, it is easy to find. The last part of the route is through hard sand paths, but with multiple signs on the way, you won’t miss it.

Viviane holding baby Yummy

You will be welcomed by lovely Viviane, the managing partner of The Camel Farm who will personally greet you and introduce you to your tour guide for the day. Ours was the wonderful Yannick, he was so friendly with the kids that it made our visit extra special.

The tour

The visit starts with feeding the camels (the grand hosts) followed by the deer, the dancing goats (we met the newborns Dunette and Yummy) and the donkey. There is an area of the farm, especially for the little ones, where you can interact with the birds inside the cages which the kids absolutely loved, they chased pigeons, held quails and let doves fly free. We also fed the friendly chickens, rabbits and the turkeys who proved to be great jumpers.

Camel Hug Therapy

Camel hugging therapy

A special part of the visit was the camel hugging therapy. A unique opportunity to interact with the friendly camels in a very special way. Led and guided by Viviane, we entered the camel area where we let the camels get closer to us and cuddled them. They enjoyed it as much as we did, some of them felt so comfortable that we could have stayed petting them for hours. Fahad, the baby camel, was so happy to play with us and enjoyed getting the attention.

Camel rides

Following the tour the boys were excited to ride a camel, and the guide was very helpful in giving instructions on how to sit safely while the camels stands up and sits down again at the end of the ride.

There are different options for camel riding organised by the farm. From the short rounds inside the farm itself to an hour riding in the surrounding desert guided and led by the Camel farm team.

Short camel rides are available on site

The Majlis

After the visit or in between the activities, you can enjoy the comfortable seats at the Majlis. A designated area to enjoy the perfect breeze of the desert while enjoying a glass of fresh camel milk or karak tea. So refreshing!

We had such a great time, and will certainly be back, not least to check in on the baby camel, and baby goats.


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