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The camel Farm Dubai

Lovely place in the middle of the desert where you can enjoy time out with the family. It is not only a camel farm, but you can find other animals such as goats, chickens among others for the little ones to feed. The visit is guided and the host provides you with the food to feed the animals as well as explaining everything there is to know about them.

Camel rides are possible at an additional fee
The Majlis

After the guided tour ends, you can sit in the majlis to enjoy fresh camel milk (the best one I have ever tried), Karak tea as well as Arabic coffee. There is a sand area right in front of the majlis where the kids can enjoy playing in the shade.

The place invites you to relax and disconnect for which no wifi is provided. You can pay an additional fee of 30 Dhs if you wish to ride the camels (the camel cuddles are free of charge)

Booking in advance is necessary as the visit is guided, so they need to account for a certain number of visitors at once. The place is not huge either, but i think because of it, it gives a feeling of home.

Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a more traditional view of Dubai For location on Google maps, here


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