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Three places to visit in Khorfakkan

Just over an hour from Dubai, you will find the charming city of Khorfakkan. Known by many for its beautiful beaches, this city is not short of surprises

Al Rabi mountain

If you are looking for a scenic trek, this is the perfect trail for you. The route is well marked to reach the two summits from which you can enjoy a wonderful vista of the city and the turquoise sea. The difficulty is easy to medium, and the complete trail is 2,600 metres. After the first summit after 2,000 meters, you can decide whether to continue for 600 metres more or go back.

Due to its popularity, it can get very busy during the weekends. Large groups usually arrive early morning at around 10am, so try to start earlier to avoid the crowds.

Parking is possible at the bottom of the hill. It is marked in Google maps as “Long term parking” and you can find it here:

From the long term parking, you walk up the road to reach the Al Rabi Tower, which is where the trek starts. While there is a small parking lot at the Al Rabi Tower, the number of spots for cars is limited (about 10 cars properly parked) and it is for short term parking only.

Starting point Al Rabi Tower :

Al Rafisah dam

Located in short proximity to the Al Rabi mountain (12 minutes to be exact), you will find a beautiful dam, perfect for kayaking or pedaling in small boats for an hour. In contrast to the Hatta dam, Al Rafisah is smaller and less busy too. When you reach the destination, entering the service road, you will find a few parking spots which are usually busy. If you continue the service road, you will find a bigger parking lot behind it (passing the entrance) where there are usually free spots.

Al Miqsar village

At the opposite side of the E99 in the same area of the Rafisah Dam, you will find the Al Miqsar village.

The charming village can be reached by car and is accessible by stairs that reach the top of the hill to the tower. The views from the top are a great combination of imposing mountains and lush greenery. Recently renovated, the village is originally 300 years old.


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