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Aventura Park

A one of a kind outdoor experience for family and friends

The longest zip line in the park is the Thriller

What to expect:

A large park within a park. A well-spaced open area with zip lines and obstacle tracks including rope surfing and rock climbing. The experience starts with a 15-minute briefing session where the functioning of the equipment is explained via a video. Following this, a practice session takes place where participants can try the equipment and get feedback from the instructors on how to use it properly.

After the briefings, you are free to wander around the park at your own pace. The circuits are located across the park and each has a minimum requirement of height and difficulty starting from Rangers, Explorador, Aventura (there is a climbing wall in this track that makes it the toughest according to our son), Extreme and Thriller, the latter is longest zip line in the park.

Dominic, our coach, was always ready to help
Throughout your time in the park, you can always call to the Aventura team for support. Our coach was called Dominic and he was super patient and friendly for a first-timer like Gabriel.

The place also has a cafe with eating alternatives for the whole family including snacks and pizzas.

To take into account:

During summer, the park is usually closed, but this summer 2020 they are open during the weekends (Thur-Sun) from 5pm to 11pm. You will receive a full kit with gloves and unlimited water throughout the stay.

Under 6 years old can't join the circuits, but they have their own dedicated area to play accompanied by an adult. Find more about Aventura, here


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